True North

As a new business owner, I knew that I needed to hustle.  I knew the only way to make it in this world was to work hard and fight for my place.

As I gained experience, I realized that the old adage “work smarter, not harder” was a bit more accurate. So, I started working smarter AND harder.


Eventually, I discovered there was still more to the equation. Alignment was far more important than working hard. That to truly work smarter, you had to be in alignment.


So, what exactly is alignment?


In the physical sense, alignment means that all systems are doing what they are designed to do and working in concert with each other.


Spiritual alignment means discovering the essence of your being and the deepest values by which you live. You connect to a higher source of intelligence or power, identifying with something greater than the material world.


Professional alignment is a bit of both.  When spiritually misaligned, my business and my personal life suffered.


Creating this course and, in effect, changing the course of my life did not come easily or all at once. I needed to find my own alignment and dig deep to find the right path. I needed a process to follow. I needed to hone my internal compass.


Compasses are a powerful metaphor.

Compasses don’t tell you where you are. They also don’t tell you which way to go. A compass simply points out your options.

That said, it can’t find True North.

True North is your orienting point; your fixed point in a spinning world. It is derived from your most deeply held beliefs, values, and principles.

When something feels off, or you feel exasperated by the people you talk to every day, or you’re overwhelmed by your own business that you recognize that you are not on the right path. 

I’ve been there. Boy, have I been there.  I’ve been there so much that I created a course to help you out of there.

My role is to act as your compass and help guide you. That said, making the changes in your business and finding YOUR True North must come from you.


If you’re ready to really create a business you love, work with clients who respect and appreciate you, and make more money than you thought possible, then you’re ready to embark on this journey with me.


It’s gonna be awesome.