If you need dance lessons, I'm not your girl. Not at all. That said, I am good at a few things. 

Finding the perfect analogy.

Ooey, Gooey, Nutella Brownies.


The other things I'm good at are listed below.


Get More Clients You Love

In my course "Get more clients you love" I'll  give you step by step instructions on how to pave the way to a healthy, happy and exciting entrepreneurial lifestyle.  Finding clients is hard enough and finding clients you love working with is another story altogether. 


In this course, you'll learn how to generate better clients, improve your working relationship with those clients and maximize your growth and potential as both an entrepreneur and a human being.


As a seasoned public speaker with deep expertise in digital marketing including SEO, PPC,  and Social Media, I tailor my speeches to my audience with a focus on lead generation and marketing strategy.  My audiences have been as few as 15 people to as many as 150 people throughout the USA.

With a penchant for analogies, the remnants of a New York accent, and a  relatable sense of humor, I promise to educate your audience while keeping them engaged and entertained.

Audience members will have several lightbulb moments as I connect the dots between their marketing goals and how best to achieve them.  I have a strict  “no one walks away empty-handed” speaking policy, I will give your audience some educational treats that can be implemented right away.  They will feel that their time was well spent and inspired to take action.


The True North Experience is designed to give entrepreneurs and small business owners a fresh perspective and new insights into how to attract the right clients, get serious about improving profitability and growing the health and wealth of their business.

The retreat will include the following:

Breakfast, Morning Yoga and Meditation, Morning Class (changes daily), Reflection, Lunch, Afternoon Class (changes daily), Outing/Downtime, Dinner​


For discretion purposes, those people who want to participate in the retreat will be asked to apply for a spot, read and agree to the rules, and sign a confidentiality agreement.


A private corporate retreat can also be customized to suit your company’s needs. Contact for details


Need to talk it out?

Are you unsure how best to engage? Are you looking to see if working with me is a good fit?  Clearly, she's all about ensuring the right fit as well!  Maybe you just want a little free advice to get you started; if that's the case, click the link below and schedule your free clarity session. I guarantee that you'll walk away with AT LEAST a nugget or two that you can implement right away.

Click the button to access my scheduling calendar.