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How to change your attraction frequency to invite the right clients to find you.

Detoxify Your Client List

Smart entrepreneurs like YOU should not have to be subservient to unreasonable clients. Your business needs BOUNDARIES, so your profitability can be BOUNDLESS. 

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough on its own. Attracting the wrong clients can keep you from scaling and being profitable.

Read that again.

  • Are you tired of clients that disrespect your time & diminish your value?

  • Are you tired of clients who constantly try to grind you down on price, but still want more?

  • Are you ready to stop attracting toxic clients into your pipeline just because you think it will make more money? Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t.


If you’re reading this,


I’m guessing you’ve already discussed your client woes with someone you trust.  


I’m guessing your staff and colleagues can probably feel the stress of toxicity on you too.  


I’m sure you’ve read books on shame and confidence by Brené Brown or Jen Sincero (and if you haven’t, you should) or listened to podcasts on how to manage your business better and improve your productivity.


I’m sure you’ve fashioned a voodoo doll with their likeness and renamed your favorite cocktail in their honor.


Maybe that’s just me, then.

Riddle me this…

Has anyone ever taught you how to set BUSINESS BOUNDARIES and how to truly VET prospects for the right fit and not just for profit?


You need to stop casting a wide net into the ocean and taking any fish that fits in the net. That’s how you end up sifting through a bunch of crap and NOT getting what (or who) you’re looking for.

You, my dear friend, need to be more selective. You need to learn how to spear fish. You need laser focus, not a bunch of scattered, frightened tactics.


I know it feels counter-intuitive.  I know it feels like, Trish, you want me to turn down business?  



Have I terrified you? I get it. Truly, I do.

There’s a better way.


I promise.

The short answer? Yes.

What if you could...

Reduce your stress, be more productive, improve your capacity, boost office morale, make more money, and love your business again!


I'm Serious.

What if those things are really and truly achievable?  Let me show you how to up your client attraction game so you’ll be able to scale your business without selling your soul.


You don’t just need clients - You need Clients You LOVE!

Download the 7 Simple Steps to getting more clients you love.


No BS.

No fluff.

No theories.

No woo woo stuff.


Well, there’s a little bit of woo… but not an obnoxious, eye-roll worthy amount of it.  Just enough to get your vibe right and your head in the game.

- Trish

7 Simple Steps to getting more clients you love

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